Thursday, March 6th 2003

Oscar D'Leon 2003 Concert Pictures. More to come.

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Oscar D'León is a salsa and Latin music star from Venezuela. Besides from being a great sonero, he is also showman who knows how to entertain people. He has more than 20 years experience in show business and has recorded 60 albums. His career started in 1972, when he was part of the popular orchestra Dimensióon Latina. His first recording and first hit was a 45 called Pensando En Tí. Four years later, he formed his own band, La Salsa Mayor. Since then, he has always played with his own orchestra. On one hand, he is influenced by famous Cuban musicians like Beny Moré and La Sonora Matancera, on the other hand, by the sound of the 1960's in New York and stars like Eddie Palmieri and the Fania generation.
In 1977, Oscar D'León recorded his first solo album, La Salsa Mayor. One year later followed this was his best selling album ever, El Más Grande. His voice and his improvisational skills make him a star in the salsa world where he is specially known for his "sensual salsa". In 1991, he signed with RMM and released his first solo album, El Rey De Los Soneros. The album included the hit single Padre E Hijo, sung by Oscar and his son Yorman. In early 1994, Oscar released his second solo album Toitico Tuyo, produced in Venezuela, Colombia and Puerto Rico. In 1996, he followed his production Sonero Del Mundo with the cooperation of the well know Cuban artist, Willy Chirino. This album was nominated for a Grammy award. In 1997, D’León released En Nueva York. Produced by Isidro Infante along with Oscar, the album included invited guests such as Arturo Sandoval, virtuoso trumpeter Piro Rodríguez and a duet with Latin singer India.
Oscar D'León has worked together with stars like Celia Cruz, Tito Puente, Arturo Sandoval, Luís Enrique, Los Billos Caracas Boys and Dyango. His new CD La Formula Original (August 1999) is a salsa and latin firework with his distinctive "D’León Swing". It includes ten tracks, five of them composed by himself. Together with Isidro Infante, he wrote the spectacular tune Deja Que Te Quiera. "It leads off with an infectious piano intro and catchy chorus before D’León’s vocals kick in and start a very rhythmic serenade. He delivers the most danceable and charming 'amorous pursuit' in Latin music." Together with Monta Al Pelo and Mi Mujer Es Una Bomba, it is one of the best songs on the album. The songs Prestame Tu Piel, Deja Que Te Quiera and Esperando Por Ella are great salsa dancing music. The Latin fever is still spreading, maybe soon to the true Latin sound, including Oscar D'León's salsa.